Academic Writing Page Format

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Academic Writing Page Format

All writers must strictly follow page format standards (if not specified by the Customer otherwise):

  • Margins. All margins (top, bottom and both sides) should be set to 1″
  • Line spacing. Single-spaced (550 words per page), double-spaced (275 words per page). For example, 10 page order single-spaced should contain not less than 5550 words (Title page, Bibliography, Appendices are not counted).
  • Font. 12 p.t. Times New Roman.
  • Alignment. Text alignment is left-aligned. Center-aligned and right-aligned text can be used according to the styles requirements (APA, MLA).
  • Graphics. Any figures, images or charts should be always properly cited if taken from other sources. Graphics is not counted into a paper volume.
  • Page numbers. Number of pages should be specified according to the formatting style. Writer must provide full pages with not less than 275 words per page. If 275 words do not cover full page, it is writer’s responsibility to write extra words, otherwise, the penalty will be applied. Adding extra line breaks, spacing, indent or changing font size is not allowed.
    Writer must follow this rule UNLESS specific instructions / requirements are provided
  • Bibliography (References, Works Cited). Bibliography page should be included with the sources that have been used for the paper. The format of the page is according to the specified academic style.


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