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After successfully creating an account with Kenyan Writers, you have shown an interest in working with our team.

To qualify for a freelancer’s position, you will need to do a basic academic writing competence test to showcase your writing skills.

The test paper comprises 3 separate 1- page papers written and formatted in MLA and APA formats.

The test paper is meant to evaluate both your command of the English language, ability to articulate and interpret academic questions, competent academic writing and formatting skills in both MLA and APA, quality research skills, and plagiarism-free content that is free from grammatical mistakes.

We will use Turnitin and Grammarly to evaluate the last two qualities of your test paper. Ensure you submit a quality paper to qualify for a chance as a freelancer at Kenyan Writers.

Treating our writers with the utmost respect, we do recorgnize that motivation and obvious perspectives for the writers are fundamental parts of successful operation.

That is why we have developed a Pay on Delivery (POD) payment system and writer levels and described all the peculiarities of those together with requirements for further promotion.

There are great opportunities for career growth at Kenyan Writers. We encourage all our writers and employers to strive for the best and enjoy our benefits.

Please check the conditions for each writer level below:

This is your starting point. Probation period is aimed to check the writer’s proficiency, that is why a newcomer should complete 10 PAGES for us to make sure we accept a reliable qualified expert to the Team.

The maximum count of orders in progress is 1 (it means that you need to submit your current order before taking another one).

New writers are always supported by our representatives, so you are more than welcome to ask us whatever remains unclear, be it a system navigation issue, or an order-related query.

This is the time for you to learn, so do not hesitate to ask for help. Kenyan Writers Team will always be ready to help.

To apply for projects on our platform, navigate the PROJECTS bar on the menu where you will see the list of available projects that you can apply for.

To send your application, view the job, click on send proposal, enter your proposal amount, select time period for completing the paper, add description why you should be considered for the project and hit send now to submit your proposal.

There is always a learning curve, so your job is to review our guides, follow the client’s instructions, and adhere to the description of the projects.

In case of poor performance (bad quality of papers, high revisions rate or lateness), your order will be reassigned, which may lead to the termination of your account. Upload high-quality works on time in order to become a full-time writer in our company.

Please note that the probation period may be prolonged in case there were issues with your projects on trial and additional training is necessary. However, the account of a writer On Probation is terminated immediately in case of heavy plagiarism, refund, or suspected fraudulent activity.

Writers On Probation have full access to the orders database and can apply for orders the same way as writers on the other levels.

Once you have completed all 20 ORDERS successfully, do not hesitate to file a request for promotion to senior writer or a paid subscription. 


CPP – $2.5 /Page

Ksh. 1000 POD Subscription Fee


CPP- $3 /Page

Ksh. 2000 POD Subscription Fee


Ksh. 4 /Page

Ksh. 3000 POD Subscription Fee