How to Make Money Online through Academic Writing

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How to Make Money Online through Academic Writing

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020 prompted individuals to look back and discover what they could do for themselves. That is called self-sustainability. The current world is embracing sustainability in various sectors like innovations in the energy sector. Renewable sources of energy like solar have been embraced and encouraged by the generation.

In the economical aspect, self-employment is probably the best approach to achieving economic sustainability. Lifestyle competition also continues to increase due to the showcase of lifestyle status on various social media platforms like Instagram and Tiktok. Research writing has therefore provided us with the opportunity of making money online.

You can make money writing as a part-time freelancer or a full-time freelancer. As a part-time research writer, you can write an average of 3 to 5 pages in a day. I usually encourage full-time writers to write at least 10 pages in a day to enjoy the financial benefits of academic writing and compete effectively with their regular employed counterparts.

Academic/ research writing is a lucrative way through which individuals can make money online. You can make money online today if you sign up with Kenyan Writers at today!

There are many get-rich-quick money-making platforms on the internet. Guys are making good money with things like bitcoin, gambling, and pyramid schemes. However, because you are here, I want to commend you for choosing the most reliable way of making money online.

So let’s look at some of the opportunities and levels of making money online through academic/ research writing in Kenya.

As a writer in Kenya, you can make an average of $10 (Ksh. 1,000) to $500 (Ksh. 50,000) in a day. Yes, I said in a single day. The best way to understand these levels of making money online is to use some chessboard players.

The King – The Customer

In every business venture, the customer is always king. The customer has the most powers in research writing because they provide the industry with work. Without the customers, writers would not have orders to write and the academic writing business would not exist. The customers of academic writing are mostly students in the US and UK who are in their higher learning education. However, a significant number of these customers are not native Americans. They have a hard time articulating their studies in English. That is why they source help from online research writers. Academic writing companies like UvoCorp and Kenyan Writers source for orders from customers and supply them to the writers.

The Queen – Research Writing Companies

Like in Chess, the queen performs most of the duties within the kingdom. Research writing companies have played an important role in linking customers with writers. The company ensures that writers are well compensated for their submitted work without fail. The organization also assures the customers that their orders will be completed by competent writers. The recruitment process is therefore the most strict aspect in academic and research writing. The writing companies have established very strict measures that ensure only competent writers can open academic writing accounts.

In Kenya, academic writing accounts are sold on a willing-seller, willing-buyer basis. The venture is a risky but lucrative business for different reasons. Buying a good academic writing account is a worthy investment because a competent writer can recoup the entire capital invested in around 2 months working constantly. However, there are several risks associated with buying an academic writing account. First, the account can be closed before you recover your initial investment. Secondly, the accounts industry is flooded with many accounts that either do not have a constant supply of work or pay very low pay. Unless you are sure about the account that you wish to purchase, I advise new writers to work under an employment agency like Kenyan Writers or someone who owns an account.

I will be covering the pros and cons of different academic writing accounts in Kenya beginning with the most affordable one called Writers Hub to the most lucrative account called Unemployed Professors. The main difference between the two accounts is the Cost Per Page (CPP) paid by the account. For example, at Writers Hub, the CPP is $3 while Unemployed Professors pay a CPP of $30. This means that writing one page can earn a writer between Ksh. 300 to Ksh. 3000 shillings.

The Bishop – Account Owners

In Kenya, most of the academic writing jobs are provided by individuals who own accounts. This represents the Bishop position in the Chess game. Account owners take orders from academic writing companies and provide the jobs to the writers. Being an account owner is the goal and ambition of every academic writer. In Kenyan Writers, we provide our writers with access to buying the Writers Hub account for beginners who have completed our training program or any other writer who is interested to begin their journey in academic writing.

However, there is a concern in the Kenyan academic writing industry; the concern of cons. Writers have been conned their hard-earned money through account owners who do not pay their writers promptly. That is why we established the Kenyan Writers writing platform to assure writers that they are entitled to their money after completing their orders. Kenyan Writers pay their writers on delivery of their work. Working with us is a sure way of making money online. Our writers are paid weekly (Every Friday).

The Knights – Account Sellers/ Brokers

The knights in the Kenyan Academic writing industry who also control the industry are the account sellers. Brokers play an important role in connecting account sellers and account buyers. The brokers earn their money through a commission after selling the accounts. Therefore, receiving advice about academic writing accounts from sellers can be beneficial and also risky. It can be beneficial because these individuals have a vast knowledge of academic writing accounts. However, brokers can also lure you into buying an account so that they can make their cut. You will end up with an account that does not have a flow of work and underpays. In Kenya, I can vouch for 2 academic writing account sellers
Nyakundi Links in Kahawa Wendani – 0723565952
Edwin Duke of Online Writing Consultants – 0717202020

The Pons – The Writer
The lowest and entry-level in the academic writing business is the writer level. Every business must begin with a foundation. Writing as the name suggests is an art, and those who master the art have high chances of becoming professionals later in the industry. Mastering the art of writing is therefore the most important aspect of the industry. Account owners were once writers and anyone who wishes to buy an academic writing account without the knowledge of writing is at great risk of burning his fingers. Writing is a skill that continues to undergo advancement as we all know, knowledge has no end. We learn new things every day. I am proud to be called a competent writer in academic writing. I have majored in handling business and economics-related projects including management, marketing, human resources, and finance.

In Kenya, writers are paid a CPP of Ksh. 250 to Ksh. 300 for every page completed. A full-time writer doing 10 pages a day can make an average of Ksh. 3,000 per day which translates to Ksh. 90,000 per month. Academic writing accounts on the other hand range between Ksh. 20k to Ksh. 200k. Mostly used accounts in Kenya pay an average of $6 to $10 per page. In my next blog, I will show you the financial screenshots of how much a writer can make using different accounts. Having understood the different levels of making money online through academic writing, you can decide where you would wish to specialize in. At Kenyan Writers, we give competent writers an opportunity of making money online through completing research projects. You can also see examples of Sample Research Papers Here to help you understand what is expected from a competent writer. The sample papers contain both Questions and Answers to give writers a preview of the quality of work expected at Kenyan Writers.

Academic writing is therefore the most reliable and sure way of making money online in Kenya today. Join Kenyan Writers today by registering at to begin earning today.


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