How to Structure an Academic Writing Paper

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How to Structure an Academic Writing Paper

The structure of an academic writing paper is the general outlook of the paper. This includes how the paper should be arranged logically from beginning to end.

A good structure is essential because it allows readers to understand the flow of ideas and allows you to achieve the objective of your writing.

The first principle in writing academic and research papers is to ensure the entire paper is structured in the three main sections which are introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction should always end with a thesis statement and this must appear in the first paragraph.

Every paragraph should have only a single key thought or idea. Avoid having more than one main idea in a single paragraph. A paragraph has distinct sections including the topic sentence, supporting sentences, and concluding sentence.

The conclusion is the last section of the paper which summarizes the main points covered by the essay. The conclusion should not contain new information. Also, avoid restating the introduction when writing the conclusion. Instead, provide a summary of the entire paper pointing at the key sections of the paper.

An average paragraph should have at least three to four sentences. However, do not create paragraphs by separating sentences. Paragraphs should be created automatically when writing and are distinguished by the flow of ideas throughout the paper.

When writing a paper that requires say 500 words, you can divide the paper into 3 points and make the introduction and conclusion to be 100 words each, then write 100 words in every paragraph for the 3 points to make a total of 500 words. That was easy, was it?

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