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Topic: Life Course Studies

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Project detail

Topic: Life Course Studies
Type: Article critique
Pages: 1
Format: APA
Sources: 1
Deadline: 6hrs
Article – Powell, Brian; Laura Hamilton, Bianca Manago and Simon Cheng. (2016) Implications of Changing Family Forms for Children. Annual Review of Sociology, 43:301-22.

Taking Notes on Empirical Papers The points below should be covered in the notes you hand in on empirical papers read during the course.
Theoretical papers to follow questions 5-9

1. The full reference, in a standard academic format., (APA)

2. The date(s) of data gathering.

3. Characteristics of study participants, e.g. in terms of age, sex, gender, nationality, nativity, occupation.


4. Type(s) of data employed, e.g. census data, data from lab experiments, data from questionnaires. Where relevant, record the Ns.

5. Type of Analysis: e.g. literature review, meta-analysis, descriptive statistics, comparison of groups with ANOVA, multivariate analysis, qualitative comparisons, etc. Include as much about statistical procedures to as is necessary to make conclusions about whether what was done is reasonable, e.g. multiple regression, with demographic and other controls.

6. What are the main questions the author tries to answer.

7. What are the main results reported.

8. How are the results reported – in tables, graphs, or running text.

9. Comments – If there is anything else important, (Please Add some comments here)


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