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Topic: Supply Chain and Logistics Management

  • Job Duration6 Hours
  • Project LevelElite

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Topic: Supply Chain and Logistics Management
Pages: 2
Format: APA 7
Sources: 1
Deadline: 6hrs
Supply Chain and Logistics Management
Watch the following video (just over 11 minutes) by clicking on the link below:
MacNeil/Lehrer Productions (Producer). (1999). Your computer, your way: Dell and the direct sales
model [Video file]. Retrieved

Click here to view a transcript of the video.
After viewing the video, answer questions 1 and 2, and select one question from questions 3 and 4
to answer.
1. Compare Dell's supply chain and logistics innovations with the competitive responses from
competitors such as the Apple Store and others.
2. Discuss the emerging supply chain and logistics management factors shown in the video that
were already negatively affecting large computer chain stores.

Answer question 3 or 4 below:
3. Explain how these technology-driven factors were not enough to enable some businesses to
survive the online competitive entrance into the market.
4. In what ways may market research have helped prevent these large technology businesses from

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