Steps in Safely Securing an Academic Writing Account

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Steps in Safely Securing an Academic Writing Account

Owning an academic writing account is a way through which you can comfortably earn income in the Kenyan writing industry.

Buying an account is an overwhelming process basically because there are over a million academic writing websites. Choosing a good account can be a bit challenging because different accounts have varied advantages and disadvantages. However, I must acknowledge that owning an account is better than working for employers. First, owning your account assures you of your payment so you don’t have to worry about being conned as you work. Owning an account also allows a freelancer to plan their schedule depending on the deadline of orders that are available for completion. Kenyan Writers has provided writers with a platform where you can create an account and begin earning today without the need of owning an academic writing account.

Okay, now that you have decided to own an academic writing account, I will take you through the steps on how you can safely secure your academic writing account during purchase.

The first step in buying an account is definitely identifying the account you wish to purchase. Beware! This is the toughest step because of the huge variety of academic writing accounts. When looking for academic accounts, always focus on an account that has a constant flow of work also known as Active accounts. There are so many dormant accounts in the market. The best way of choosing an account is through advice from experts in the academic writing industry. Experts, not Brokers!! Brokers will convince you to buy an account because they want to make a sale and earn a commission. You can also look for different accounts being sold at Accounts Place Kenya to determine your required budget.

The second step in securing an academic writing account is finding a seller or a broker so that you can inspect and purchase the account. At this stage, you have adequate knowledge about the account you want to purchase including the ratings. So there are a few things you will have to counter-check in the account.

An important one is the messages. Ensure you check the messages between the writer and the Support System to ensure the account is safe and does not have any warnings. You can also scan for warnings by searching the word warnings in the accounts email account. Most academic writing accounts communicate with writers through email. So every message should be available in the accounts email or the messaging tab in the account.

Also, ensure to check the completed projects in the account. The number of completed orders often shows the Cost Per Page of the account which is very important. Different accounts pay writers differently. For example, Writers Hub, which is the most recommended account for beginners, pays writers an average CPP of $3 while Unemployed Professors pay writers an average CPP of $30. The CPP is the amount a writer earns for completing a single page for the company. Completed orders also show how old an account has worked and the frequency and flow of orders. There are instances when buying an old account is advantageous and there are also accounts that should be best purchased when new. An advantage of old or active accounts is the frequent flow of work.

The financial statement of an account is also an important aspect that you should inspect before the purchase. The finances will show you an overview of how much you can make working with the account. However, it does not always imply that specific accounts can make you a certain amount of money. Your earnings will solely depend on your bidding behavior and frequency of work. You can own an expensive account but work on long deadline projects and make the same amount with someone who owns a small account and works on very urgent orders or writes more pages in a day.

Now you have decided the account you want to purchase, and inspected the account to ascertain it satisfies your demands. Its time to secure the account credentials. The most important credential when purchasing an account is the account’s email address. Securing the email address is the actual purchase of an account. The account’s email is secured by changing the verifications of the account from the old owner to the new owner.

Change the following 4 verification details:
2 – Step Verification
Verification Phone Number
Verification Email Address
Email Password

There are accounts where you can change passwords. This gives you the sole ownership of the account by locking out any third-party access. However, changing the credentials in some cases can lead to suspicious fraudulent activity detection by the support who can put the account on suspension as they ask for verifications. Remember that the buying and selling of academic writing accounts are prohibited by the writing websites and if found guilty of purchasing an account, the account is terminated immediately.

The final step is securing the accounts payment method. Now that the account and email address are fully yours. You need to ensure that you can receive the money that you will work for. This includes securing the specific payment account for the account. Some of the commonly used payments include Payoneer and Paypal. I recommend Payoneer for account payments because of their low-interest charges on transactions. After securing the payment of the account you are good to go. The account is yours and you can proceed and bid for orders and begin work.

Always ensure that you conduct Face-to-Face transactions when buying academic writing accounts to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of cons. For those who are not in Nairobi where most transactions take place can use Escrow Kenya or Safe Escrow to secure their account purchases. There are instances when you will need to have access or contacts of the real account owner in case of future verification.


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